Tally ERP 9 GST Software

What are the differences in functionality between Tally ERP 9 Full Version (paid) and it’s a free or crack version?

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First thing is that there is no free version for tally erp 9.

There are basically 3-4 version available

The First one is Educational Version which also known as free version but it has limitations to pass entries. So it is useless for business level, it is released for educational purpose only.

Second is Tally ERP 9 Silver License– This is single user software mean single computer installation. Here you can open the multiple numbers of companies and pass multiple entries in any dates.

The third one is Tally ERP 9 Gold License – This version provides you with all functionality of silver with the additional functionality of multiple users. It is useful for big companies who have multiple computers in the same premises.

The fourth version is a Tally ERP 9 Auditor Version– It is specially designed for the Chartered Accountants, it provides all the functionality of Gold Version with some additional audit features.

So My advice to go with the Auditor version bcz it is cheap and come with all features.

But I don’t know why people search for free or crack Tally software. That is illegal and not for professional purpose bcz it very ricky to hold data.

Answered 2 days ago.
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