I hire trucks from Mr. A for client transportation service. Who has to pay GST? Is it in the RCM?

I hired some trucks from Mr. A, for providing transportation service to my client. Will GST shall be levied on the payment made by me to Mr. A? Is it in reverse charge or not?

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A(1) Yes. (2)No reverse charge.

Answered on June 16, 2017.
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No tax is payable on this transaction because gst exemption list specifically provide that the service of hire of means of transportation for providing gta service is exempt you can go throuh the exemption list on http://www.cbec.gov.in/resources//htdocs-cbec/gst/Schedule of GST rates for services.pdf on page no 8 on point no 21.

Answered on June 20, 2017.
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