How can I validate the details of a GST Taxpayer?

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GST registration is mandatory for every taxpayer and it not have an expiry date & it is validated until surrendered or cancelled.

How to validating GST Details:
To verify the GST Number is valid or not, you can go on GSTIN official Site and enter GSTIN/UIN of the Taxpayer. Now you can get all the details like the business name, invoice number and the date of registration.

The details that we can validate are:

  • GSTIN of the Tax payer
  • Legal Name of the business
  • State Jurisdiction
  • Center Jurisdiction
  • Date of Registration
  • Constitution of Business
  • Taxpayer type
  • Nature of business Activity
  • GSTN Status
  • Date of cancellation
  • State Jurisdiction code
  • Center Jurisdiction code
Answered on March 12, 2019.
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