Asked by the department to file gstr4

Learned members, i got registered in GST on july 29 (fresh registration) and started doing business from 6 August . I am a service provider (lodge,hotel/fooding) Due to confusion i opted for composition scheme and before starting business i got to know that i did not fall under composition scheme. There were no option to opt out from Composition. So i started commencing my business as a regular taxpayer(charing taxes,following procedure as regular taxpayer) i opted out of composition scheme when the portal opened. Opted date is 4 october. I filed july, august, september, october and november GSTR3B (even i had to paid fine for the month of august). Now i received mail from gst department that i opted out of compostion scheme on oct 4 so i need to file GSTR4 from 29 july to 3 october.
I have been regularily filing gstr3b and already filed gstr3B for the months which i am told to file gstr4.
I am really confused what to do now.
Kindly reply with the solution. I shall be highly grateful to you.
Asked on December 27, 2017 in Miscellaneous.
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